Upcoming exhibition

These works (and others) will be shown at the exhibition opening Friday 17 April, closing Sunday 26 April.

Three dimensional and sculpture works in steel, aluminium, and plaster

CIMG3444 CIMG3445 CIMG3450 CIMG3467 CIMG3468 CIMG3471 CIMG3477 CIMG3484 CIMG3490 CIMG3497 CIMG3507 CIMG3513


Drawings and works on paper


CIMG3451 CIMG3452 CIMG3455 CIMG3457 CIMG3458 CIMG3461 CIMG3463 CIMG3516 CIMG3517 CIMG3518 CIMG3519 CIMG3520

Slavonic Dancers part 2

Slavonic Dancers